About us

Company Introduction

  • Saigon Pingroun Food Development Co.,Ltd was established in 2007. In the early years, we founded our own brand Lafeve in 2010, produced and sold bakery products to the Vietnamese domestic market. In 2012, BINH VINH brand was established, and the establishment of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh began to sale prepared frozen food in the Vietnamese market. Saigon Pingroun new factory was completed in 2016.


  • Saigon Pingroun Food Development Co.,Ltd has advanced production equipment, composed of second-rate talents of outstanding management team, despite continuous research and   inovation capacity, through strict production management and quality control. Our production of extraordinary taste, good quality goods presented to all consumers.


  •  “Lafeve” is a brand of normal temperature snack food and baking business entity. Integrating snack food, cakes, desserts, and other series products. Saigon Pingroun Food Development Co.,Ltd. Mainly produces frozen prepared food, room temperature mochi, leisure food and moon cake. We have lots of product items and tastes.




  R & D Innovation, Pragmatism and Keeping Forging Ahead

  • Innovation is the develop motive force for company. Continuous exploration and introducing high-end food talents and providing most secure, safe and healthy food for customers are aims of development of Pingroun Company.
  • Pingroun Company currently has professional food R&D personnel, who will continuously introduce new food, research and develop products with exceptional taste and various styles so as to meet demands of different customers.
  • Meanwhile,the company invites professionals from Taiwan and foreign counties to carry out exchange and guidance so as to timely improve product R&D capacity and continue to lead industrial development with the pioneering spirit.




  Monitor at every level and Quality Assurance

  • In order to provide more perfect safe,relieved and healthy assurance for customers, the company establishes a Quality Control Section which is independent to production department, under which a raw and auxiliary acceptance, site quality control, inspection center and a document management center are set. The inspection center with good analysis and detection equipment and workers accepting professional training are.

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